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  • About Us

    It’s with a long-term relationship in mind that Voidsys is proud to present its founders. Hard workers from day 1 and passionate in what we do.

  • Services

    Need a website? A logo? Or simply an upgrade to your existing design? We got what you’re looking for. Our team of web designers has over 10 years’ experience to build a site tailored to you.

  • Portfolio

    Unsure of what type of website you need? With over 300 Websites developed, we have categorized a few of them to better help you decide. Also, a dedicated account manager will assist you in your decision.

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    Need a website tailored to your business need? Get the quality you deserve and the service you need. We guarantee you'll be satisfied.

Why Us?



To insure quality and precision, a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to your business. He will guide you through best practices and tailor a site to you.



Each company are unique and same goes for their vision. We made ourselves flexible to develop any type of sites and optimize it to fit your needs.



We are confident that you will get the best value for your money. We are focused on volume over profit. We are proud to make sites for businesses.



We are well aware that some unnatural phenomenon could occur and cause a pause in the great experience you have with us. Rest assured that this 1 % chance is also covered by us! We guarantee a fix within 24 hours.



In the event of a major problem, all websites are being backed up to insure the minimal down time. A roll back could be possible at a certain point. Hosted websites with us are ISO 27001 certified to insure proper data handling.



While we are coding, we are thinking of all possible scenarios how one would penetrate the website. This helps us patch the potential holes in the code.

Latest Projects



Frontend development, Backend development, Laravel, CMS, Stripe payments, Mailgun, Server administration


Law Firm

Responsive frontend development with FullPage.js, CSS animations


Medical Equipment Specialist

Frontend development, Backend development, Laravel, Algolia search, Discourse, Server administration

Importance of a Website

  • Cost Effective

    You have a clear vision of the fees for your website. As for your company, fees may vary and could be almost impossible to predict. Whether it’s structure damage, theft or immediate maintenance. A well develop website will put your business on the map and provide tremendous benefits.

  • Accessibility

    A website stays on for 24 hours. If you’re the type of business which sells product, you would definitely not want to miss on this opportunity of selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your business schedule doesn’t necessarily fit all of your client’s schedule and those customers go elsewhere. Visibility is everything nowadays.

  • Convenient

    There are so many companies and surely some of them would compete against your business. A website gives you the opportunity to show up directly through a series of keyword on the internet and get more clients which are specifically looking for your type of service. All in the comfort of their home.

  • Credibility

    Most people will search the internet to verify the credibility of the company, products and services. It is the chance to show your clients who you are and what you offer. Customers would then have the chance of rating their experience.

  • Sales

    Being online shows your brand to the whole world. It is the chance to expand and sell overseas. Unless you run out of stock, the more sales you generate the happier you will be.

  • Marketing

    There are lots of marketing strategies you can use to advertise online, such as social media, blogs and online videos, all of which points to your website and better present your business services. This is the most crucial part when appearing online.

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